Make the Cut at Junior Gold
(or your next big tournament)
Listen in on 18 of the best bowling experts talk about what you need to know to make the cut at Junior Gold. They will share tips, tricks, secrets and more to set you apart from the competition. 
May 6-8, 2019
It's a virtual event broadcast online so anyone in the world can participate. 17+ of the world's best professional bowlers and coaches talk about specific areas of the game and these interviews will be shown FREE during the days of the summit. (May 6-8) 

What is the goal of the Youth Bowling Summit? That's easy- to help all summit attendees learn what they need to know to make the cut at Junior Gold (or their next tournament).
All of the videos shown on the Youth Bowling Summit will have closed captioning to assist all members of our audience enjoy this incredible content!

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • SWING: How it affects your entire approach. 
  •  VISUALIZATION: How to train your visualization muscles.
  • BALL FIT:  The #1 ball fit tip and what to look for. 
  •  ARSENAL: How to create your ideal 5 ball arsenal for Junior Gold.
  •  GETTING LINED UP: How you know it's time to change balls. 
  •  GET RECRUITED: How to get noticed by college coaches. 

  • Mindset:  As told by bowling's best sports psychologist.
  •  BowlFit: How you can get fit for bowling, in your living room.
  • Generating Power:  Going after it. 
  •  Two-Handed: The world's best spills the beans on why he wins.
  •  Bowl With Intention at Practice: Practicing with purpose.
  •  Best Advice Ever: Each expert's best advice, ever.
Why Should You Attend the Youth Bowling Summit?
You Don't Have to Travel!
You can listen and learn from all 18 experts from the comfort of your couch. 
Expert Speakers
Listen to the best in the bowling business talk on every single hot topic in the game.
It's Totally Free
You read that right. It cost $0 to listen to 18 of the best bowling guru's.
Everything in one Place
You don't have to search around the internet. Everything you need to know to make the cut at Junior Gold. All in one place.
See Who's Speaking at the Youth Bowling Summit
All interviews will go live for 24 hours on the day specified at 10am central (Chicago time).

Day 1 : May 6 : "Fundamentals"
Kim Kearney
Footwork & Slide
Shannon O'Keefe
How Your Swing Affects Your Approach
Bill Spigner
Follow Through & Release
Daria Pajak
Generating Power
Jason Belmonte
The Most Important 2-Handed Fundamentals
Day 2 : May 7: "The Mental Game"
Dr. Dean Hinitz
Psychology of the Mental Game
Susie Minshew
Visualization: Seeing is Doing
Danielle McEwan
Tournament Focus
Matthew Farber
Being Your Best Self
Jason Belmonte
Bowling Under Pressure
Day 3 : May 8: "Preparation, Practice, & Intention"
John Janawicz
Reading the Lane as told by the Laneman
Steve Kloempken
Bowling Ball Dynamics
Andy Diercks
You Cannot Out-Bowl a Bad Fit
Marshall Kent
A Champions Keys to Preparing for Junior Gold
Bryan O'Keefe
Getting Noticed by Colleges
Heather D'Errico
Bowler Focused Training
Mabel Cummins
How to prepare for Junior Gold:
A Youth Bowler Perspective
Jeri Edwards
Spares Win Tournaments
Here's What They Are Saying! 
The Youth Bowling Summit Speakers Represent these Companies:
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Youth Bowling Summit really free?
Yes! You can watch all the free session interviews with every speaker when they go live from May 6-8, 2019 at no cost. There are opportunities to upgrade your learning experience, which you'll learn more about after you register.
Who is the Youth Bowling Summit for?
Bowlers who want to take their game to a higher level. Bowlers who want to make the cut at Junior Gold or at their next big event. Although this is the YOUTH bowling summit, we believe the information presented in this summit will benefit ALL bowlers, everywhere, at every level. 
Where does the Youth Bowling Summit take place?
Wherever you can find a computer! On your couch, at your table, on your phone. This summit is 100% virtual! 
How long do I have access to the amazing training?
From the time each video goes live, you'll have 24 hours to watch the training! If you'd like to have access to the videos for life, you can purchase an All Access VIP pass.
Hi! I'm your summit host, Diandra Asbaty! 

A professional bowler & youth bowler advocate on a Mission to Empower and Educate the Next Generation of Leaders through Bowling.